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Complete Pokemon 1st Edition Shadowless Autograph Illustrator Set Mitsuhiro Arita PSA

Regular price $10,500.00

This is a set for the ages! You are looking at a complete 19-card Pokemon 1st edition Autographed Base Set by Illustrator Mitsuhiro Arita. We are quite confident that the world has not seen a set put together like this, ever! Each one of these 19 cards contains the original illustration/drawing of Mitsuhiro Arita and has been personally autographed hand signed by the master himself. Each card additionally is certified byt PSA/DNA, the world's leader in autograph authnetication.

Cards included: Charizard #4 Holofoil Rare (The of the mecca of all Pokemon cards), #6 Gyarados Holofoil Rare with custom sketch (this is the only card in the lot that is not 1st edition, this set was incredibly difficult to put together but we were able to get a shadowless custom sketch!), #15 Venusaur Holofoil Rare, #18 Dragonair Rare, #24 Charmeleon with dual English & Kanji custom autograph, #25 Dewgong, #35 Magikarp with split autograph never seen before, #37 Nidorino, #43 Abra, #44 Bulbasaur, #48 Doduo, #46 Charmander, #51 Koffing, #53 Machop, #58 Pikachu w/yellow cheeks and custom sketch blue ink never seen before, Rattata #61, Squirtle #63, Tangela #66, Weedle #69! For reference, each card contains Mitsuhiro Arita's name in the lower Left hand corner. Mitsuhiro Arita resides in Japan and his autograph is very hard to find!

Building this set has taken a VERY long time and includes many 1/1 Pokemon cards. The Charizard 1st edition alone is only a few that exist that have had the autograph certified by PSA/DNA. Truly an incredible rare set! Each card has been professionally placed by PSA in a protective slabbed casing and the autograph has been authenticated by PSA services, 100% authentic. Truly one of the, if not the rarest Pokemon sets to hit the market!!!

To add to the allure, a complete 102-card Pokemon 1st edition set sold recently for $106,168.68 through Iconic Auctions on July 29th, 2017. Don't wait any longer, rare Pokemon cards are only increasing in value and are being bought up at a high rate. Please check out our other items and

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